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Bohemian Goddess

Gaia - Green Quartz Earrings

Gaia - Green Quartz Earrings

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Bohemian Goddess Gaia - Green Quartz Ear Pieces

Gaia in Greek mythology is the Earth, our Earth Mother, who was born through Chaos during the creation of the Universe. 

Gaia is nurturing, loving, harmonious, supporting, protective, as well as transformative and fierce when needed. You may turn to Gaia with anything. She is always here for you - Holding you, guiding you, witnessing you, lovingly embracing you. Ultimately Gaia is all about Unity and Love. She is the one connecting us all to each other on this planet.

You can connect with Gaia by placing your feet or hands on her bare ground. Drink from her springs and wells, nourish your body with the foods and herbs she grows. Swim in her lakes and in the vastness of her seas, hug the trees. When you take, always give back, bc we are One. You Are Earth.

The earth is our body, the water our blood. The wind is our breath and fire our spirit.

Optionally by wearing these Gaia - Green Quartz Ear pieces, you'll carry this earth loving energy with you during the day and you’ll be reminded of your connection to nature, to Her - our Mother.

The Green quartz crystal: is a warm heart activating gem, bringing energies of harmony, peacefulness and grace. It supports the awakening of love, empathy, compassion and connections with self, others and the earth.

This crystal can also help to bring peace and understanding into relationships. It allows us to approach stressful situations with patience, ease and grace.

Chakra: Heart ~ opens & balances the heart chakra – while bringing harmony to all emotions.

Gaia's message: We are all one.

Made of: Selected white and emerald green feathers, a 24K gold plated brass moon chandelier, gold color beads, white sweet water pearls, sterling silver hook and Green Quartz crystals. Protective nano-coating for longer lasting brilliance.

These feather earrings are nickel free.

Length options: 28 cm & 20cm.

Care Instructions

♡ For feathers: Store them in a dry place, feathers straightened, either hanging, or in a box.

♡ We do not recommend getting them wet. However, if that happens, let them first dry out and then try to fluff the feathers out again.

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