Hey beauty,

Welcome to Bohemian Goddess store!

Bohemian Goddess was born in Bali year 2019. The owner/ designer is Sara.

She started off with feather jewelry, however last year she felt a nudge to expand, which led into a beautiful divine collaboration with one of her dear designer soulsisters Oona.

What you experience today in our newly launched clothing collection, is a meeting point of Sara's and Oona's sisterhood and inspiration to empower other women to step into their full blooming power and potential, ultimately feeling beautiful, radiant and liberated in their fullest expression, as the divine Goddesses we all are.

Here to remind you of your divinity.

Love, Sara & Oona

How we flow...

At the moment we have a team of five! First we meet as designers to bring our beautiful inspiration and geniouses together. Everything we create, we love. Oona draws the designs which our seamster and seamstress then sews. She also finalises each design and makes some last changes. Sara then tries every piece on herself and gives her final quote.

For the feather jewelry Sara designs them and has a spceial team making them for Bohemian Goddess.

All clothing and jewlery are handmade with love, here in Bali.

Bohemian Goddess three women embracing each other and sisterhood


Siterhood means the world to us. We would not be here without our sisters, and so, we're here to do our share of healing the sisterwound in this world by encouraging deep authentic loving connections with the women in our lives. We cherich each other, and we cherich you! We're here to build a community of sisters where we love, honor, uplifting and celebrate each other ♡

Picture of a woman kneeling looking down and holding the earth in her hands

We care about Mother Earth ♡

We deeply love nature, live in reverance and connection to Mother Earth. We strive to develop and find even better and more sustainable solutions for Bohemian Goddess in the future.

Currently the fabric we use mostly is 90% Viscose and 10% Spandex. The fabric is super soft, elastic and durable. All our garments prefer handwash or machine wash in 30C, with a handwash progam.

We also use bamboo and 100% cotton.