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Love Notes To My Soul - Rose Quartz Earrings

Love Notes To My Soul - Rose Quartz Earrings

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Love Notes To My Soul - Rose Quartz Ear Pieces Short


These beauties are like love notes to your soul. They will lovingly remind you to be kind and compassionate towards yourself and appreciate the beautiful being that you are. Rose quartz will assist you to open your heart and heal old wounds. It will support you to love more and channel this love both outside towards others, for self-love and love within.

Element: Air

Mantra: "I am compassionate, kind and gentle. I am open to give and receive love. I am love. Love is all there is."

Additional energetic vibes: Acceptance, forgiveness, peace, faith, compassion, understanding, unconditional love, receiving and giving love.

These multi-dimensional feather earrings are made of: Selected beige and patterned feathers, a silver plated brass moon chandelier, silver color beads, sterling silver hook and Rose Quartz crystals. Earrings are nickel free.

Length options: 28 cm & 20cm. Nano-coating for longer lasting brilliance.

Care Instructions

♡ For feathers: Store them in a dry place, feathers straightened, either hanging, or in a box.

♡ We do not recommend getting them wet. However, if that happens, let them first dry out and then try to fluff the feathers out again.

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