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Clothing and jewelry that make you feel beautiful both inside and outside.

These creations are for women who desire to own and express who they are, who want to feel confident, radiant, beautiful, liberated and empowered in their body and being.

Awaken the multifaceted Goddess within.


Our Customers ♡ the feather jewlery


Love notes to my soul - Rose Quartz ear pieces. Oh wow... I put them on and right away I feel this different energy inside...not these earrings are a visible acknowledgement of my divine, wild part of nature.

- ❤ Anonymous

Love it so much!

Amethyst ear pieces. Lovely, extremely beautiful and delicate feather jewelry, which reflects to me peace, freedom, hope and safety. This piece brings a lovely glow and beauty to any style. Very fairy-like. I also sense the healing power and love-made atmosphere. Thank you <3


So beautiful!

Amethyst ear pieces look extremely beautiful and it feels great to wear them. The length is perfect, they are of good quality and super light! I've been searching for something like this, that really stands out! Thank you so much for creating them!

- Marjo

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Reminding you of your divinity. May you remember.

Add our favourite feather ear pieces to your look!

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