Transparency - Where does the feathers come from?

Transparency - Where does the feathers come from?

Where does the feathers come from, is a question we often get, so I wanted to make an open authentic post about them.

The feathers used in Bohemian Goddess jewelry are all rooster feathers, but no birds are specifically harmed for the purpose of making jewelry.

Bali the Island of Gods and Goddesses where our jewelry is made, has a unique Hindu culture of its own. The Balinese follow a moon calendar, which means that every dark and full moon they have huge ceremonies and gatherings, amongst other annual celebrations in their village temples.

Their offerings to the Gods is a huge part of the ceremony, and so even their everyday prayer is accompanied with handmade beautiful offerings they make daily for hours, which we tend to see in every street, with flowers, fruits, crackers, and burning incense.

However, in bigger ceremonies they sometimes also have animal sacrifice. In this case they mostly use chickens, roosters and sometimes even a pig. After the ceremony they eat all the food they've used as an offer.

I've chosen to use these un-died natural coloured feathers from these so called "ceremony-roosters". I see how these birds used for ceremonial purpose have played an important part in the local culture. Through the use in our jewelry, they'll even have an afterlife serving, uplifting and empowering all the beautiful Goddesses in our community.

Much love, Sara

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